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Special Cave Tubing $45.00


 You can book by E-mail. .  Cruise Ship Specials are available, and I'd be happy to be your guide for the day.   Read on for more information! 


  1. First we drive in air-conditioned comfort for one hour, from Belize City up the Western Highway to our destination the cave system of the Sibun river.

  2. Then, we take a 30 minute hike down a tourist friendly and exciting jungle trail

  3. Arriving at the river where our water adventure begins! we climb onto inner tubes (Life vests provided) and for 40 minutes to an hour we float down the Sibun river through the ancient cave system.

  4. There are some sandy beaches to wade and swim in along the way. I will guide you through spectacular jungle and cave scenery. "That the movies and theme parks only try to imitate."


    My special price is $45 per person in advance, why pay more on the ship. If you didn't pay ahead or decide you're tubing with a group remember the earlier we start the better, so get off the ship early to make the arrangements. For those who book ahead on booking I will send you conformation and updated information on  locating me at the dock. I will be there to meet you.

    We usually arrive back to the dock 2:30 to 3:00 pm that's long before the ships tour. If you are on the ship that arrives late, we adjust our departure and return to suit you. We take 14 persons per group, but I can make special arrangements for larger groups.


    Everyone should bring water shoes for the hike,  or  wear older tennis shoe or strapped on sandals to walk the trail and in the water.
    (no flip flops)!


The best way is to book by E-mail. Note: please send your home Phone # name of ship, and arrival date upon booking. For more information click here.

Your Cave-Tubing Guide - Reggie!


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