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1. Once we arrive how do we find you?

 When you’re on the small boats that transfer you from the Cruise ship to land, look for A
 Light House & THE RADISSON HOTEL, just pass THE LIGHT HOUSE you will see a white Bus MARKED A-1 TOURS and/or a white Ford van.  Both vehicles will be
flying green flags and  you may even see me or my guide waving. your transfer boat will go  past  the A-1 TOURS vehicles. letting you off at the cruise terminal. Walk through the building  to the street,  turn right and walk towards the light house and the white A-1 Tours bus or van. 

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2.   How deep is the water on the Cave Tubing trip? 

Answer: It ranges from ankle deep to way above your head, if you do not swim bring your own life vest or use one of mine. 

3. Where do we leave our towels & other things? 

Answer: Safely in the Vans. There is a Warden on-site to watch things for us.

4. Is there any age limit for the tubing trip? 

Answer: Not exactly but I do not like to take many under ten years old, and my vests are for young adults and older therefore under 10 should bring their own vests.

5. Are there Crocodiles in the river?

Answer: If there were I would not be your guide.

6. Are there any Bats in the Caves & will they get tangled in my hair? 

Answer: Yes there are friendly fruit bats, but you do not have to see them, and they stay far away from you. 

7.  Is there a place to change? 

Answer: Yes but its best if you already have your swimming clothes on, leave your top clothes in the van, then use the changing area afterwards, this helps us to move along to the river in less time, however if you prefer to change there we will wait for you. 

8. What are the chances of us MISSING THE SHIP?

Answer: 00.1% Same as if you bought the ship's tour. Why so:

  1. Look at the reviews on the cruise critic message boards.
  2. We have our own PRIVATE TENDER just incase.

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