A Special note from Reggie


I just want to give you a little more information to be sure you find the Real Reggie's cave tubing:

 When you're on the small boats that transfer you from the Cruise ship to land, look for A Light House & THE RADISSON HOTEL, just pass THE LIGHT HOUSE you will see a white Bus MARKED A-1 TOURS and/or a white Ford van.  Both vehicles will be flying green flags and you may even see me or my guide waving.

 Your transfer boat will go past  the A-1 TOURS vehicles letting you off at the cruise terminal. Walk through the building to the street, turn right and walk towards the light house and the white A-1 Tours bus or van.

 Do not be fooled by any one who claims to be me,  there are actually
other 'Reggie' s at the cruise terminal, If you booked with me , we have your name's they don't. 

If you have any problems call from the phone booth in the terminal and call our local numbers 422-0257 or our cells at 610-1541, 610-4904.. If you are calling from or thrugh the US use this in front of the number(011-501-###-####) our contry code, if  there's no reply, please  RE-DIAL  or call collect if necessary We only take local collect calls.  If you happen to arrive before 7:00 AM Belize time, don't be alarmed if you don't see my vans or the bus as we usually get there between 7:30 to 8: 00 am (Belize time)  just go towards the light house and enjoy the scenic view I will show up.  If its raining then get in touch with us at any of these numbers any one of the phone and we will drive up to the terminal door and pick you up.

That's a lot of numbers to remember, so I suggest you print this note and bring it with you.  

We look forward to making your visit to Belize a memorable one.

Reggie & Friends
At Reggie's Tours


See you soon